Couple Trekking India

Couple Trekking India

Couple Trekking

What keeps a couple together and happy? The four pillars of a loving relationship – trust, love, respect and understanding. Keeping these pillars from crumbling is, however, a 24/7 job. But it does not have to be hard or painful, there are fun, adventurous and healthy ways of bonding with your partner. We recommend one such tried and tested “path” – a couple trek in the majestic Himalayas. Most couples would opt for safer, more luxurious, less tiring getaways. But, what could make you worry about safety and pain or even comfort when you are with your partner?? A trek in the Himalayas would be ideal for couples who are not just health and fitness conscious or those who share a common love for mountainous landscapes, fresh air and challenging workouts but for all the couples.

Why the Himalayas? Those who have been there never fail to evoke the ethereal quality of the mighty mountains and the transcendental, mystic power of the peaks and valleys. Almost all return centered, humbled and transformed. If the Himalayas can teach you patience, humility, sensitivity to your surroundings and bestow you with inner peace, you are not just a better human being but a better, more loving partner/spouse. From Ladakh to Sikkim, from Uttaranchal to Himachal Pradesh, go take a dive in the beauty of a vibrant valley of flowers, of surreal landscapes and serene skies…together!

Reasons Why Should go on a Trek With Your Partner

When you hike with your partner, you get to face a ton of challenges, experiences and obstacles that will help develop a bond that is much stronger than the bond built through Netflix watching movies or shopping. Whether you’re trekking in Har ki Doon or getting lost in meadows of Dayara Bugyal,, the experiences in your trek as a couple provide a lot of opportunities for relationship growth. Plus, trekking can test the strength of your relationship.You’ll be writing together history as well as create awesome adventures and moments to which you will always look back with affection and humor.No matter where you are, home will never feel too far away, when you have the person you care and love the most by your side.Trekking with someone is far more economical than solo since you will be sharing the costs your meals, taxi cab fares, activities and accommodations.Let’s face it, there are situations and unforeseen events are almost inevitable, when you are travelling,trekking or hiking.


Lost reservations, missed train rides and delayed flights are just some of the unpleasant things that can happen on the road. Fortunately, you have someone with you to lighten things up and ease the situation.When it comes to trekking escapades, nothing is more than romantic than a getaway for two. While trekking with a gang of buddies can be quite fun, it’s nothing compared to staying in a beautiful place with someone you adore and love.Long hiking trails and are more fun and entertaining when you have your favourite person hiking right next to you.Heading towards a serious relationship? Then, make sure to have an adventurous travel escapade with him or her before committing. Trekking, in many ways, can push your partner away from his or her comfort zones, which will let you discover your partner’s positive and negative traits.

Also, the combination of culture shock and exhausting globetrotting can somehow bring out some of the deeply hidden flaws of your partner’s character. That’s why you should keep an eye of how your loved one acts towards hotel staff, helpers,trek leaders and attendants during your time together on the trek.There are tons of fun and surprising discoveries that can happen when you trek with your partner.It is just nice to have someone you trust to watch your bag and personal belongings, while you take a quick nap or go to a bathroom.Trekking as a couple lets you share the burden of planning and decision making. More importantly, it improves your chances of making the right decisions.Travel experiences with you partner, such as hiking and camping in the woods, will help turn you into a better team player.


Ever wondered what happened to your partner’s previous relationship? Sailing excursions, hikes, train rides, airplane trips and long car drives are the best times to have deep and meaningful discussions with your significant other. Of course, you can ask your loved one about his past relationships, future goals and childhood during these lovely moments.

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