Family Trekking India

Family Trekking India

Family Trekking

Family Treks is sufficient to understand by its company name- Hike To Himalayas that Family Treks in all over India. We design great relax able and easy family trips with your younger children for great Family vacation. Therefore, we create day to day itinerary for different activities in different tasted places within India. To ensure your guided family trekking or escorted family tour, you will try our best to find out some less crowded places while the trip running- significantly, less visited areas where you and your entire family members feel more comfort to have memorable family holiday with in India.

So, Trekking with family is one of the best way to introduce to your all age range of children regarding local lifestyle, history and culture of India, mind-blowing Himalayan scenery with heat beating landscapes by traveling. Beside of it, Glacier Family Treks chooses such a superb family destination with plenty of fantastic landscapes, stunning mountain chains, varieties of flora-fauna which could provide to our clients with more excitement and lifetime experience which are rarely found around the globe. That’s why, we can say traveling is a part of learning in lifetime.

Now that the long weekend is almost here, where are you going for family trekking with your lovely family?

Haven’t decided yet? We can help! Why don’t you take your family for a trek to Himalayas?

However If you think that trekking is not your family’s cup of tea, there are a number of ideal treks for families which would make perfect choices for your family.

Also, trekking in the Himalayas is a much cooler way to connect with your family members better. There are plenty of easy trekking options in India where you can take your family for a vacation. Before you sideline the idea, below are all the reasons as to why you MUST take your family on a trek.

Disconnect to connect

When was the last time you and your family had a real conversation? Like a heart-to-heart one?
If you feel that it was ages back that you don’t even remember, then it’s definitely a problem that needs your attention.
In this age of digital era, everyone is literally glued to their smartphones even if they are on a vacation which defeats the ultimate purpose of getting together.
But when you are in the badlands, at a few thousand feet above the sea level, totally disconnected from the social world, you will have all the time to listen to the stories of your children.

Revitalize the bond

Having a family Whatsapp group won’t bring your family closer. Trekking, surely will!
Trekking together can help you breathe a sense of care and concern between the fellow trek mates. Activities like setting the camp together and sharing food and resources initiates a bond among the family members. They tend to look out for each other during the challenging phases of the trek. They also help overcome each other’s fears and push their limits. If trekking can build friendships among strangers, think how much closeness it can bring between you and your family members!

A cooler and cheaper way of vacationing

Why take a trip to a foreign land when you can enjoy the beauty of mountains and meadows in your own country’s backyard? Think about it. Trekking is not only easy on your pocket (compared to a foreign vacation) but also high on adventure and exposure.

Ditch the norm

Are you taking your family to a crowded touristy place, again? Making them stay in a hotel? Planning to visit all the common places where a bunch of other, unknown tourists will be photo-bombing all your family photos?
Well, every year is the same story. Your children are bored with your not so exciting idea of vacation which is why you should give them a different experience this year. A vacation worth remembering. A vacation worth boasting to their friends in school. And what better idea than taking them for a trek to the Himalayas? The views are magnificent. And on top of it, there wouldn’t be any crowd.

So What’s It like Travelling with Your Parents

From my personal experience, going on a Himalayan Trek with my family turned out to be a best decision and best thing I ever done in my life, I mean who could have imagined that going on a family tour would be more like creating memories for life? There is something incredibly beautiful when you travel along with your parents.
There’s an interesting tale to tell. I came across by so many things that were like an essential life lesson when my parents shared their life struggles and this taught me, no matter what the circumstances are, life must go on!
Looking forward to becoming the ‘Parent of the Year’?
All you gotta do is convince your family for a family trek to the Himalayas, book amazing trek packages with one of the leading family trekking agency of India- Hike To Himalayas, pack your rucksack, and head to the mountains. The captivating views of snow covered peaks and lush meadows will take care of the rest.

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