Women Trekking

Women Trekking

Women Trekking

We run exceptional and unique adventures that we hand-craft with women in mind,and we know what it takes to put together an extraordinary travel experience from start to finish.We believe travel is one of the greatest tools we have for promoting understanding among cultures. Group travel for women not only connects us with others, but also helps us better understand ourselves.We have a unique sense of discovery, an unabashed curiosity, the easy ability to laugh at ourselves, and the capacity to create a non-competitive environment of support and encouragement for each other. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is also something we believe strongly in at Adventure Women: staying active; creating challenges and goals for ourselves; being open to learning, both spiritually and culturally, during our travels; all the while confirming or rediscovering our fun-loving and confident selves.

Best Hiking Tips for Solo Women Hikers

Many women (and men, too) believe that women hiking alone is a bad idea, particularly vulnerable to getting lost, hurt, assaulted etc. But there’s definitely a better and a beautiful side to the story. According to a research, 46% men and 54% women find it riskier for women to hike and travel alone as compared to men. But we combed through statistics, and after speaking with experts, and talked to veteran solo hikers to find out if there’s anything to that fear. The end result, you ask? Well, Not really! These solo hiking tips will give all you women the precise information you need to achieve the joy of solo hiking and backpacking.

Brain to the rescue:

The most important tool that a woman or any person (for that matter), really has is her brain. You should be prepared. You must understand your maps. If something were to happen, the very first thing you have to understand is where exactly you are and what bailout points you have.” Sometimes being a female, especially in the first couple of days, it might take time to get comfortable with yourself being out there solo. But trust us, with Hike To Himalayas, you’ll be just as safe as if you were walking in a city—actually, I think you’re going to be safer.”

Do not forget to carry a pepper spray

For women, wherever they go, it’s very important to carry a pepper spray with them because not only do these sprays can be used on wild animals you can also use them on people if you are being attacked. Buy the one that comes with the hip holster for easy reach.You never know when it might come in use!

Expect the unexpected

Be it women or men, one must definitely be prepared for anything that can happen. The most likely a thing that can happen is that you’ll hurt yourself, and that can be anybody. Being prepared for that, being self-sufficient—are some really important things for everybody.

Always, always carry a connecting device

Remember to carry a device to contact people if you think you’re stuck in a problem. It helps you feel safe while you’re travelling alone. Also, It is more comforting to reach out to other women who undertake solo women hiking trips. Read their blogs. You’ll get the exact kind of motivation to take the plunge.

Combat Your Doubts

Even when you’re travelling alone and even when not, checklists are a must! That’s not just a solo hiking tip – it’s for any hiking you do, ever. Checklists are a tried and true way to make your trip worry-free – for you, and for loved ones who may not support the idea of going off on your own into the unknown wilds.

At last, Hike Like a Girl!

All you require is a pair of running shoes, polyester gym clothes, and a school backpack will do. Bring water, snacks, a flashlight, sun protection and some extra layers. Bring friends or family, too, if you’d like. For just one day or just one weekend, try something completely off your radar – something that seems outside your limits – whether it’s going beyond your routine run, visiting a new park or trail or hiking solo for the first time. You never know what life has in store for you!!
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